by Amy Bach

Public Hearing: Minnesota Department of Commerce - Long-Term Care - Rate Increases and Policyholder Protections

In late August, 2015, the Minnesota Department of Commerce convened a hearing to assist the Department’s fact-finding effort on long-term care insurance industry issues. The hearing provided consumers, insurance companies, and other interested parties the opportunity to share statements or testimony about the state of the long-term care insurance industry including issues related to rate increase requests, claims handling, policyholder protections, and ideas for guidelines on regulatory matters for long-term care insurance. 

United Policyholders joined with California Healthcare Advocates in filing comments on the impact that rate increases are having on LTC policyholders and what this means for the viability of LTC insurance as an economic safety net.  Read our joint comments here: Statements of California Health Advocates and United Policyholders.

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