Founded in 1923, the American Law Institute ("ALI") is one of the important institutions in our society that maintains the rule of law and keeps our legal systems fair and balanced. They are a deliberative body with members, procedural and voting rules that have been developed over many years. Over the past seven years, UP Executive Director Amy Bach has served as one of the Advisers to the Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance project. UP has written extensively on the Restatement and been an strong voice for policyholders at ALI meetings and other forums

The purpose of the Restatement is to provide courts and litigants with guidance on principles that come into play when a person or business has been sued and is relying on their insurance company to defend and indemnify them - in other words, get them out of a bad situation. Lawsuits are scary and expensive, and this project is very important to policyholders.  A tremendous amount of work and debate has gone into the product and it should be adopted. Despite seven years of hard work and consensus building, insurers have launched a last ditch effort to prevent its final adoption