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Why should you trust our buying tips? Because United Policyholders is a non-profit consumer organization that’s on your side. We don’t sell insurance. We don’t accept donations from insurance companies. We’re consumer advocates…we want you to get your money’s worth. By using our buying tips, you can avoid many of the problems we’ve seen in our twenty years helping people with home, business, health, life, disability, and auto insurance claims. We know you want to pay the least for the most. But we also know you want to be covered if something bad happens.

Buying Tips

Shop Smart - Tips for Insuring Your Home    PUBLICATION

What you need to know for full protection without wasting money

Picking a good insurance agent or broker    PUBLICATION

How to find a good agent or broker to advise you and help you find the right coverage.

What's UP with Renters Insurance?    PUBLICATION

What do you get when you buy a renters insurance policy

Earthquake Insurance Shopping Guide    PUBLICATION

A tool to compare prices and features of earthquake insurance

Preparedness Tips From the Trenches    PUBLICATION

Preparedness tips based on read life lessons from disaster survivors and experts

Credit Scoring in Insurance: An Unfair Practice    PUBLICATION

The impact of your credit history on your auto and home insurance policies

What to do about "CLUE"?    PUBLICATION

How to Create a Home Inventory    PUBLICATION

Our easy-to-use UP Home Inventory will help you list the contents of every room in your house.

Do's And Don'ts When Insuring Your Home    PUBLICATION

Avoid the costly mistake of being underinsured. Tips for buying the right amount of insurance for your home and property

Earthquake Insurance Shopping Resources for Homeowners    PUBLICATION

Limited options make it easier than shopping for auto or homeowners coverage.

Earthquake Insurance for Renters    PUBLICATION

Buying earthquake insurance may be a smart move! You must have standard renter's insurance to add earthquake coverage

Tips for Buying Flood Insurance    PUBLICATION

Don't assume your home is not at risk for flood damage just because you are not legally required to buy flood insurance.