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  • The insurance industry is regulated on a state by state basis. There is no federal agency that oversees the private insurance companies doing business in the United States. The closest thing to a federal insurance regulatory agency is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. ("NAIC") The NAIC is an organization of all 50 state insurance regulators and their staffs. It holds quarterly meetings, it adopts and publishes model laws and regulations, and it attempts to coordinate regulatory efforts. The NAIC has been criticized over the years for allowing industry lobbyists to have too much access to Commissioners and too much influence on its decision-making processes, but the organization has become more pro-consumer and more pro-active in recent years. Consumer advocates now participate in the NAIC proceedings through a "funded consumer representative" program that covers basic travel expenses so advocates can attend its meetings and participate in some of its processes. United Policyholders' Executive Director is currently a "funded consumer representative" at the NAIC. The NAIC website has useful information on consumer complaints, current issues and links to the 50 state agencies.
  • This is the official site of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA is an independent agency of the federal government, reporting to the President. Disaster victims who are uninsured or underinsured can apply to FEMA for disaster assistance grants which do not need to be repaid. FEMA also administers the national flood and crime insurance programs.
  • Floodsmart.gov is the official website for FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program. If you have flood insurance and are working on getting a fair claim adjustment/settlement, visit the site, but make sure you read other perspectives to get the full picture. Property owners have been having problems with NFIP claims for years and the whole system needs to be reformed.
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