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2007 Wildfires Insurance Claim Status Survey
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Jun 03, 2008 3:13 PM PST
1. Was your dwelling damaged or destroyed as a result of the October wildfires in San Diego and San Bernardino counties?
Damaged   23 8%
Destroyed   251 92%
Total 274 100%
2. Did you have insurance on your dwelling?
Yes   272 99%
No   2 1%
Total 274 100%
3. What was the total square footage of living space in your dwelling? What was the Coverage A (Dwelling) limit stated on your policy "declarations" page?
198 Responses
4. Did you have an "extended replacement cost" or other type of provision in your policy that increased your stated dwelling limits?
Yes   180 90%
No   21 10%
Total 201 100%
5. Were your extended replacement cost limits:
25%   40 22%
50%   69 37%
Other, please specify   77 41%
6. What is the name of your insurance company?
226 Responses
7. Name of Agent/Broker that sold you the policy:  (NOTE:  After prior disasters, patterns showing people were underinsured with the same agent or broker helped solve problems.  If you do not feel comfortable answering this question, skip to the next one).
156 Responses
8. What percentage of your dwelling limits have been paid to you? (If you don't know, give us your best guesstimate)
214 Responses
9. At this time, have you received an independent estimate of what it would cost to repair, rebuild or replace your home with one of like kind and quality in compliance with today's building codes?  ("Independent" means you picked, not your insurer or adjuster)If your answer is "No", skip to Question 16.
Yes   165 73%
No   60 27%
Total 225 100%
10. Are your insurance policy dwelling limits sufficient to cover the cost of repairing, replacing or rebuilding your home?
Yes   49 26%
No   139 74%
Total 188 100%
11. If insurance policy limits are not enough/sufficient, give your best estimate of the amount you are underinsured (Estimating rebuilding cost minus (-) insurance proceeds)
144 Responses
12. Has your insurance company made a settlement offer on the dwelling portion of your coverage?
Yes   83 45%
No   101 55%
Total 184 100%
13. If yes, is the amount of that offer above your policy limits?
Yes    32 33%
No   66 67%
Total 98 100%
14. Is the amount of that offer sufficient to rebuild your home?
Yes   37 36%
No   67 64%
Total 104 100%
15. Please list the names of every person assigned by your insurer to adjust your claim, including attorneys:
131 Responses
16. The following question is only for those who do not yet have an "independent" dwelling repair/replacement estimate:Please circle all applicable reasons why you have not received an independent estimate of what it would cost to repair/replace/rebuild your damaged or destroyed home:
Can't find a qualified professional who will take the time to come out   2 3%
I'm not building the same house   17 25%
I don't want to or can't pay for an estimate   6 9%
I'm relying on the insurance company/adjuster to get that information   7 10%
I'm overwhelmed   24 35%
Other, please specify   42 62%
17. Are you considering buying a replacement home instead of rebuilding?
Yes   62 28%
No   156 72%
Total 218 100%
18. If yes, has your insurance company told you the total dollar amount of insurance benefits you will be able to use to buy instead of rebuild? (Please explain)
61 Responses
19. Do you feel you have reached a settlement with your insurance company on the dwelling portion of your loss?
Yes, we have reached a settlement   61 28%
No we are still negotiating   157 72%
Total 218 100%
20. Please describe as best you can the status of your settlement negotiations with your insurance company, and any obstacles you're facing:
175 Responses
21. Have you filed a formal complaint (Request for Assistance "RFA") with the California Department of Insurance?
Yes   36 17%
No   170 83%
Total 206 100%
22. If you have not filed a formal RFA with the California Department of Insurance, please explain why you haven't:
I'm afraid it will make matters worse   10 7%
I don't want my insurance company to be angry with me   6 4%
I don't know how to file an RFA   5 4%
I can't file an RFA yet because we're still negotiating   42 30%
I don't think it will do any good   18 13%
Other, please specify   81 57%
23. If you have filed a formal complaint/RFA with the California Department of Insurance, please describe the status and what's happened so far:
41 Responses
24. What is your understanding of how long your insurer will cover your Additional Living Expenses "ALE" (sometimes called "Loss of Use" )?(Circle one)
12 months    5 3%
24 months   116 61%
Until we can move back in   16 8%
Until our limits run out   19 10%
Other, please specify   35 18%
Total 191 100%
25. Did your insurance company ever offer to give you a list of items that are typically reimbursable under the "ALE" portion of your policy?
Yes    43 22%
No   150 78%
Total 193 100%
26. Did your insurance company provide you an advance of at least three months of ALE after you found housing?
Yes   152 78%
No   42 22%
Total 194 100%
27. Are you worried that you are going to run out of ALE benefits before you rebuild/repair/replace your home?
Yes   61 33%
No   124 67%
Total 185 100%
28. Please describe any concerns or problems you have had or are having that relate to your claim, coverage or benefits for ALE (or loss of use):
110 Responses
29. Personal Property/Contents CoverageDo you believe you have enough insurance coverage on "contents" to replace everything you lost?
Yes   94 49%
No   99 51%
Total 193 100%
30. If you answered "No", please explain the shortfall you will have on your contents insurance coverage:
97 Responses
31. Has your insurance company paid you at least 40% of your total Personal Property/Contents limits?
Yes   124 64%
No   71 36%
Total 195 100%
32. Is your insurance company requiring you to itemize all items in order to be fully reimbursed for your Personal Property/Content loss?
Yes    156 75%
No    51 25%
Total 207 100%
33. If "Yes", did you ask if they would "waive" the requirement to itemize all items?
Yes   74 47%
No   85 53%
Total 159 100%
34. If "Yes", what was your insurance company's response to your request?
86 Responses
35. Did your insurance company explain "depreciation" and how they calculated depreciation on your Personal Property/Contents items?
Yes   90 45%
No   108 55%
Total 198 100%
36. Did your insurance company explain what you need to do to collect the balance (above ACV) of what you're owed for items on your Personal Property/Contents list after you replace them?
Yes   84 44%
No   107 56%
Total 191 100%
37. If you are underinsured on your personal property/contents claim (meaning your insurance is less than what it will cost to replace everything that was damaged or destroyed), have you asked your insurer to pay over policy limits?
Yes    33 24%
No   107 76%
Total 140 100%
38. If you answered "Yes", what is the status of your request for increased limits?
46 Responses
39. If you did not have insurance on your dwelling, please explain the circumstances.  Thank you.
9 Responses
40. Optional:
213 Responses
41. Optional:Phone number/E-mail address:
133 Responses
42. What area was your home in?
Dulzura   1 0%
Escondido   23 11%
Fallbrook   16 8%
Lake Arrowhead   29 14%
Ramona   23 11%
Rancho Bernardo   82 38%
Running Springs   8 4%
Other, please specify   36 17%