UP is proud to announce the publication of Wise UP: The Savvy Consumers Guide to Buying Insurance. Do yourself and your loved ones a solid and pick up a few extra copies.

Our book offers the inside scoop on what really matters when buying or renewing insurance for your car, home and assets. It's short, easy to read and gives you the right questions to ask so you can get the protection you need without wasting money.

Wise UP contains guidance from experts in financial, insurance and disaster preparedness - so you can make sure that your insurance safety net will be there when you need it.

Proceeds from Wise UP will support our disaster recovery and disaster preparedness programs.

Praise for Wise UP


"Useful Information that will help you make smart insurance decisions."
- Hon. Dave Jones, Two-term California Insurance Commissioner

"If I'd used this book before my home burned to the ground, recovery would have been SO much easier"   
- Ken Klein, Law Professor and Wildfire Survivor

"An easy read with guidance anyone can follow successfully."
- Larry Ginsburg, Financial Advisor