Auto insurance to be canceled I D asked 3 weeks ago
Auto insurance to be canceled

We have been with GEICO for 25 years. We have been pretty much accident free for 22 years. In the past 3 years we had four. One was when my teenage daughter just started driving, almost two years ago. I provided GEICO with evidence that she wasn’t at fault, and they still count her as being “at fault.”  Two years ago I had a hit-and-run incident in the highway. It was counted “not at fault,” but I didn’t even repair the car, thinking not to claim too many in one year. Last year my wife got hit on the right side of her car when the car was parked in the open parking lot. It was counted as “not at fault.” And last month she got hit on the driver side while parked in the street. She has been counted to be “at fault” for this on even though the car was parked in the street.

The adjustor says the damage is caused by the driver. They asked to take sample from the paint left on the car. Which by itself doesn’t prove when the hit happened, whether the car hit something or that something was on the move and hit the parked car. Then they asked to gain access to EDR box. Which we didn’t know the car even has such a thing. In good faith we authorized access to do both. They came back a week later and said the paint on the car is not a car paint. When asked what the EDR showed, they said we couldn’t find any data for the date and the timeframe that the incident happened. They counted this for my wife as “at fault,” and paid for the repairs. Last week we received a letter that our policy is going to be cancelled because we have misrepresented the loss.

The question is, with all this analysis they received, including the EDR data, are they allowed to ignore the fact that EDR hasn’t captured any data because the ignition was off at the time of the incident, meaning the car was parked and something hit it? My wife also asked for a police report and it was handed to GEICO. But it was after the fact. Should we protest this case or just move on?