New homeowners policy – being offered, but can they refuse to cover? Urmila Shende asked 2 months ago
New homeowners policy – being offered, but can they refuse to cover?


We lost our home in the Tubbs Fire in 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA. We have rebuilt our home to be as fire-resistant as possible. We were notified in early January of this year that our insurance (CSAA) was dropping all homeowners insurance in our area. We were told by Farmers that we could open a policy with them, but needed to fulfill their requirements (water shut-off valve, 24/7 burglar/fire monitoring, etc.) within 45 days. We “bound” our contract with them on 1/16/24. We have submitted all requested documents, which in itself has required $4k- before even paying for the premium. We have submitted all documents as requested but they continue to come up with new, different issues and it seems that they are stalling to wait out the 45-day period and then refuse our application.

My questions:

-is it legal for them to refuse our application, if they are indeed offering new policies in our area, if all initial requested documentation has been submitted appropriately?

-If not, what recourse do I have to enable a policy with them?

-If they do not fulfill their obligations as presented to us, and after 45 days of fulfilling their requests we are uninsured, leading to lapse of coverage, will this prevent us from being able to seek insurance from other groups?

We are desperately asking around for other options including the FAIR plan.

Thank you yet again for your help. Your help was invaluable to us after our fire.