Black Forest Fire victim advises Beulah Hill Fire victims

KRDO News Channel 13

Sherri Bertrand shares experience of losing home. A previous wildfire victim in El Paso County is offering advice to victims of a recent fire in Pueblo County. Sherri Bertrand of Black Forest said she was out of town the first week of the Beulah Hill Fire, which ultimately destroyed eight homes and 16 other structures.

“When I came home, I thought my experience could be of help to the victims,” said Bertrand, whose home along Herring Road was one of more than 500 burned by the Black Forest Fire in June 2013.

Bertrand said because of hard work and persistence, her insurance carrier paid all of her claims from the fire.

“United Policyholders was a big help,” she said. “They can steer you to resources, recommend what to do and what not to do, tell you how to keep going and make it through a recovery.”

Even homeowners not directly in a fire’s path can be affected, Bertrand said.

“They may have roof damage from burning embers,” she said. “Your window seals and major appliances could fail because of heat from the fire. Those things are difficult to file insurance claims on.”

Bertrand said she was born in Pueblo and her father was born in Beulah.

“A fire like that is hard to watch,” she said.

Daniel and Maria Davis are among the Beulah Hill victims. The fire destroyed a home they were building and damaged the home they lived in.

“Our insurance company gave us money to buy a motor home we can live in so we don’t waste money on rent,” Daniel Davis said. “Our adjuster arrives tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.”

The Davises said they appreciate the advice from someone who’s been through a similar ordeal.

“I just feel like we’ve really been lost as far as what to do, where to go or who to talk to about any of this stuff,” Maria Davis said. “Does the advice) help? Well, I think so. I don’t know anything about my insurance policy.”

Bertrand encourages any Beulah Hill victims with questions to contact her at 719-251-8540.

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Date: July 17, 2024