Purely a bad idea – “Purely Cosmetic” Exclusion

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Now here’s our tip for the month of November
A question we want you all to remember
Yes after you read this, go ‘head and pose it
Lets hope you buy insurance through someone who knows it

Does the policy you’re counting on, paying good dough for
Have a new exclusion that leaves you little to show for?
The charming label that’s used to describe it
Is “Purely Cosmetic” – (we hope you won’t find it)

‘Cause in the event of hail, scratching, or marring
You may find your insurer’s reaction quite jarring
“Oh no, that’s not covered”‘ (just what you don’t want to hear)

So rather than worry and wonder and fear
Do your best to find out ‘fore the end of this year
Avoid this most onerous reduction in protection,
“Just say no” if you have a choice or election

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Source: https://uphelp.org/purely-a-bad-idea-purely-cosmetic-exclusion/
Date: June 17, 2024