Spooky Language in Your Policy?

Getting a notice from a home insurer that they’re dropping you is scary, and UP works hard to help people avoid and deal with that situation. Read our latest tips on shopping for affordable home insurance when your options are limited.

Even scarier is hearing your insurer tell you they’re not going to cover a serious loss due to fine print their lawyers wrote into the policy they sold you. UP works hard every day to help you fight back when that happens. Whether you’re dealing with an exclusion related to business interruption due to a pandemic or other types of losses, UP has guidance or an advocacy initiative aimed at helping you get treated fairly so the insurance you paid for provides the financial safety net you were promised.

Tell us your scary stories so we can help you. Insurers are aggressively re-writing their policies by adding limits and exclusions that reduce your protection to save them money on payouts. It’s spooky out there. If you find scary wording in your policy, snap a photo or attach the digital file and send it to policies@uphelp.org

And once you’ve dug up your current home or renters policy, we strongly suggest that you go over it with your insurance company . Don’t just rely on “Yes, you’re covered.” Ask “what if” questions. Make adjustments to avoid coverage gaps where feasible. Do your best to avoid being underinsured.

Some risks such as floods and earthquakes have been excluded from home insurance for decades but you can, get a quote and add that protection if it fits your budget.


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Source: https://uphelp.org/spooky-language-in-your-policy/
Date: July 17, 2024