Tis the Season to Get Prepared

Need a last minute holiday gift?

Give the people you love peace of mind by helping them be financially resilient and prepared. This Give Peace of Mind Gift Catalog is full of free tips to help spark important discussions and actions around disaster preparedness.

Whether you are traveling for the holidays, or staying close to home, here are a few ideas to use this time to get yourself and loved ones prepared:

  • Help your loved ones download an emergency alert app from their city or county.
  • Complete an emergency contact list to hang on the fridge .
  • Help prepare a Go Bag for when you have to leave your home in a hurry. Be sure to include a copy of your home or renters insurance policy.
  • Update your Stay Box of supplies for when you can’t leave home during a disaster.
  • Share UP resources on checking and updating your home insurance coverage and what to do if you are dropped by your insurer.

UP works year-round to help homeowners and renters protect their assets and take steps to be resilient to disasters. This year, we are proud to have hosted or been part of over 50 in-person and virtual preparedness events where we shared tips and tools for increasing disaster preparedness and household financial resiliency. We continued to host our productive Wildfire Risk Reduction and Asset Protection (WRAP) working group convenings and related advocacy work.

In early 2023 we will launch a free, online WRAP Resource Center. The Center will help California homeowners easily access information on grants, programs and available help making improvements that will qualify their homes as “Safer from Wildfires” and/or “Wildfire Prepared” and help them keep and afford insurance.

We created this resource thanks to a grant from California Governor Newsom’s Office of Emergency Services and the engagement of 300+ professionals who have been participating in our monthly WRAP working group meetings for over two years. This online tool will capture the most up-to- date information on programs that fire fighting agencies and resiliency advocates are offering in communities throughout the state to help residents reduce wildfire risk and access affordable, available insurance options.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to be more involved in your community, consider volunteering with our Roadmap to Preparedness program to get trained to host a table at a preparedness fair and help your community be more resilient! Email: teamup@uphelp.org

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Source: https://uphelp.org/tis-the-season-to-get-prepared/
Date: June 17, 2024