Wildfire Risk Reduction and Asset Protection — UP’s WRAP Initiative

Amy Bach Presentation Wildfire Risk Reduction and Asset Protection -- UP's WRAP Initiative

By launching and advancing a “Wildfire Risk Reduction and Asset Protection” (WRAP) initiative in 2017, UP is helping property owners across California keep their assets insured during a home insurance availability and affordability crisis that is affecting many parts of the state. This crisis is hitting people hard in the pocketbook.  Insurers have dropped (“non-renewed”) thousands of customers in areas they deem vulnerable to wildfires, and when those customers find a replacement home insurance policy, it provides less protection and costs as much as four times what they had been paying.  Not only is this hurting homeowners…it’s reducing property values, hurting real estate sales and causing a ripple effect of economic harm. United Policyholders is working hard with powerful partners to help solve the crisis.  We are helping people shop in a very challenging marketplace.  We are working to solve the crisis through our WRAP initiative.

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The WRAP Initiative

The “WRAP” Initiative aims to help create mitigation standards, financial assistance, inspection and certification programs, and insurance rewards that will reduce the underlying risk of wildfires and help restore a competitive home insurance market. In addition to constantly monitoring the insurance marketplace, disseminating information, and providing free shopping tools to homeowners and stakeholders, UP is also doing advocacy work in Sacramento and throughout CA.

Partners/WRAP Working Group Participants

The California Department of Insurance

Western Fire Chiefs Association

FireWise Community Advocates

FireSafe Councils

The Institute for Home and Business Safety


COPE (Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies)

Cal Poly WUI FIRE Institute

Novato Fire District

University of California Cooperative Extension

Mariposa County

Wildfire Partners



Project Directors – Amy Bach, Executive Director,  Joel Laucher, former Deputy Commissioner, Rate Regulation Bureau, CA Department of Insurance

Project Support – Emily Rogan and Valerie Brown

Inquiries, email: emily@uphelp.org


Sonoma County Community Investment Program
Consumer Federation of America

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Examples of local mitigation and certification programs

Examples of Mitigation Standards