With wildfires raging in California, do you have enough fire insurance?

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With the devastating wildfires going on right now in Northern California, like the Carr Fire, the Mendocino Complex Fire, the Ferguson Fire, and the Steele Fire, do you have adequate fire insurance? And how can we forget the horrific North Bay Wildfires from October 2017?
It is never too late to reexamine your current fire insurance policy to better prepare you for the next natural disaster.
We spoke with the consumer advocacy group, the United Policyholders. Emily Rogan, Chief Operating Officer, sat down with me to discuss what kind of insurance policy should you buy, what should you do if your home has been impacted by a wildfire, and if it’s possible to be denied fire insurance.
Watch the video in the player above for the full interview.
Here are three links to the United Policyholders’ website with more information.
How to file a claim if you have been affected by a wildfire.
Make sure your fire insurance is up-to-date.
And how to find a reputable insurance company.
Get the latest on the Carr Fire here, the Complex Fire here and the latest on wildfires across California here.

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Source: https://uphelp.org/with-wildfires-raging-in-california-do-you-have-enough-fire-insurance/
Date: May 24, 2024