Saving on your insurance

Everyone can use some extra money in their pocket during the holiday season. UP always encourages consumers to raise their deductible. Here are a few more tips for saving on your insurance from two members of our Agent/Broker Advisory Board:

“Make sure you are taking advantage of “affinity” discounts that may be offered as a member benefit by organizations or associations you belong to.” – Corrin S. Trowbridge, Pacifica, CA.

“Broker fees are typically negotiable. Always inquire if fees are flexible or if one broker fee can be applied to all your policies” – Ambere St Denis, San Francisco, CA.

At United Policyholders, we’re thankful for the professionals that go the extra mile to help consumers. Those that volunteer and share their expertise with UP are so valuable to us and to you. Poke around in our “Buying Tips” section to find more money-saving tips.

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Date: July 21, 2024