Tennessee Tornado Insurance Claim and Recovery Help

Tennessee Tornado Insurance Claim and Recovery Help

If your home or business was damaged or destroyed in the recent Nashville area tornadoes, we are here to give you reliable guidance during the recovery process.  UP recommends focusing on photographing and documenting damaged and destroyed property, getting a complete current copy of your insurance policy, and finding temporary lodging that is comfortable and safe.

In the months ahead, you will have to deal with lots of paperwork and make important financial decisions.  The word most commonly used to describe people’s mindset after a natural disaster is “overwhelmed.”  While insurance payments can’t bring back your cherished momentos, they are critically important to a successful recovery.  Understanding some basics about the insurance claim process from the start will help you navigate:

Insurance is a vehicle to get you back where you were before your losses, but it won’t drive itself.  You have to drive it or get help if you can’t.

UP offers tips, information, sample letters, and tools to help each person recover the full amount they’re entitled to and avoid and solve problems if they come up.  We have your back when insurance matters in Tennessee.

UP is a charity…a non-profit with expertise on insurance and helping consumers. We do not sell insurance, give legal advice, or represent individuals in claim matters.  Rest assured, our information and resources are designed to help you, the consumer…no catch, no hidden agenda. No sales pitches.  You paid for an insurance safety net and we are here to help you get what you paid for.

Steps on the Road to Recovery


STEP 1: Taking it in and getting started

STEP 2: Arranging temporary housing

STEP 3: Getting organized

STEP 4: Getting debris removed

STEP 5: Being pro-active in documenting and valuing your losses

STEP 6: Creating your home inventory and navigating your contents claim

STEP 7: Making financial decisions

STEP 8: Choosing a contractor

STEP 9: Working with your mortgage company

STEP 10: Getting help if/when you need it

 Taking care of yourself along the way

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Source: https://uphelp.org/tennessee-tornado-insurance-claim-and-recovery-help/
Date: July 25, 2024