About the Amicus Library

Welcome to the Amicus Project library. Here you will find copies of the 600+ legal briefs United Policyholders has filed as an “amicus curiae” (friend of the court) since 1991. We file amicus briefs to help courts respect and effectuate consumers’ reasonable expectations of coverage and reach fair results in coverage and claim dispute lawsuits. In addition to calling courts’ attention to helpful legal precedents, UP helps judges consider the impact of their decisions on people and businesses that suffer dire consequences when insurance companies put their own profit motives ahead of their customers’ best interests. Learn more about the Amicus Project.

The United Policyholders Amicus Project is made possible by the hundreds of dedicated policyholder attorneys who generously volunteer their time to write, review and edit our briefs. Click here to view the attorneys who make up our Amicus Project Team.

To request that UP weigh in on a case, please complete this Request Form.

UP chronicled our Amicus Project in a 2011 report titled “Twenty Years Protecting, Defending and Advancing Policyholders Rights”