In every state, an insurance company is obligated to act reasonably, live up to its promises and follow the law.  Each state has its own specific laws on insurance sales and claim handling. Some states have stronger consumer protections than others.  Each state has a government agency that oversees insurance companies. Some are more active in protecting consumers than others.  Each state has a court system and professionals that can help you solve an insurance problem and hold an insurer accountable for acting unreasonably.

We offer two different national maps on this website. The map below will take you to help resources and information specific to your state.  The map in our Find Help directory will take you to a listing of local professionals that may be available to help you.   We do not currently offer guides that reference specific insurance consumer protections in every state, but we are working toward that goal.  Please note that your state may not have all the protections described in the tips you will find in our Claim Help library. Also note: Specific information relating to work United Policyholders has done after past disasters may be outdated.