In the United States, the insurance industry is mostly regulated by the states, not the federal government.  Each state has an agency, commission or other body charged with overseeing insurance sales, claims and solvency.  Coordination among the states and the federal government takes place through a unique entity called the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

The NAIC holds three meetings each year in different locations.  It performs various functions including debating public policy, publishing model rules, bulletins and laws that states can adopt.  The NAIC maintains a Consumer Participation Program.  United Policyholders has been a part of that program for many years.  Executive Director Amy Bach has served as an official consumer representative at the NAIC for eight consecutive terms.  She advances consumer interests and perspectives through presentations, deliberations, and through communications with regulators, staff,  insurance companies and lobbyists.

UP brings regulators’ attention to real life problems and advances workable solutions.

Priority goals:

  • Advocating for policies to meet consumers’ reasonable expectations of coverage
  • Reversing the trend of “exclusions gone wild”
  • Making it possible for insurance consumers to comparison shop for quality protection and price
  • Advocating for essential policyholder protections in all states
  • Helping regulators protect consumers
  • Resisting industry efforts to weaken policyholder protections