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When a coverage or claim problem arises, finding qualified professional help isn’t easy. Insurance companies have experts, lawyers and claim professionals advancing their financial interests. You are entitled to the same.

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Because you paid premiums that entitle you to coverage for losses, you should not have to hire professional help to get your claim paid fairly. United Policyholders offers free, “road-tested” tips and information and support to help you be your own best advocate in getting the full benefits of your insurance coverage. But, insurance is complicated and claims are time-consuming. The consumer is not on a level playing field when dealing with a for-profit insurance company.

Reality is, if you suffer a major loss or disabling illness or injury, you may need to hire a professional to help you get a full and fair claim settlement from your insurance company. This is especially true when your claim involves a large sum of money. You may need independent experts to evaluate your situation, document and value your losses and help you negotiate.

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