Welcome to the Wildfire Risk Reduction and Asset Protection (“WRAP”) Resource Center, a United Policyholders’ initiative supported by a statewide network of resiliency advocates and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. 

Our goals are to reduce wildfire risk throughout California and help property owners access fairly priced insurance.  In this WRAP Resource Center you’ll find out about the home improvements that reduce wildfire risk, access leads to programs and people that can help you make those improvements, and info on risk reduction activities in your community.   Let’s get started!

1. Assess Your Home

Assess your home using the links below, or request an assessment from a Wildfire Mitigation Specialist if available in your area.

IBHS Wildfire Prepared Home program offers a free online home assessment so that homeowners can work to meet the standards of a Wildfire Prepared Home. If your home is in a qualifying area, and you have completed the steps to become a “wildfire prepared home” you can request an assessment for $125 that will qualify your home for 3 years.

CAL FIRE Online Wildfire Preparedness Plan offers a personalized checklist for your home.

UP WRAP Chart offers a comparison IBHS and Safer from Wildfires wildfire risk reduction standards for existing homes.

2. Check for Insurance Discounts

Find out what mitigation steps matter to your current insurance company and what discounts may be available.  

You can do this by contacting your agent, insurance company or the by using the California Department of Insurance list of  insurers currently providing discounts based on mitigation. Some insurers are currently offering discounts for NFPA FireWise Community and Shelter-in-Place Community designations.

Starting Aug. 23rd, 2023, California FAIR Plan is offering discounts for home hardening (10%) and defensible space (5%).  Watch the recording of our recent WRAP resource sharing for more details.


3. Get started!
4. Find local Mitigation grants and help resources

Use the map to check your county’s Reference Library page for wildfire mitigation help and current programs in your area that may help with cost, planning, or labor for fire mitigation. 

5. Inspire Your Neighbors

Inspire your neighbors to take action!