Keeping your home protected when insurance options are limited and expensive

If you live in an area where it’s hard to find a company that will insure your home, shop diligently and work with a pro-active agent who is current on all available options, including the CA Fair Plan. Here is a list of UP publications to help you to help you navigate finding insurance in a challenging marketplace:

Previous CA Shopping Help Webinars

UP hosts shopping help webinars twice a year to help California homeowners find replacement coverage after being dropped by their insurer. Watch the most recent webinar for information and advice on shopping for insurance in a challenging marketplace below.  For previous webinars visit our YouTube Channel.

Additional Shopping Help Resources

Here are the additional resources referenced in the our recent shopping help webinar to help you find replacement coverage after you’ve been dropped by your insurer:

Take Steps to Improve Your Home's Chances of Surviving a Wildfire

Recent changes in California law require insurance companies to factor in wildfire mitigation into their rating plans (the cost of the insurance they sell.  The more wildfire mitigation you can do, the more you are improving your home’s chances of surviving a wildfire AND potentially qualifying you for an insurance discount.  Visit the WRAP Resource Center to find out the steps to take and local programs in your area that may help with cost, planning, or labor for fire mitigation.

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