Welcome to the WRAP Resource Center. Our goal is to help connect you with local resources to help improve your home’s chances of surviving a wildfire. We believe the more we mitigate, the lower our home insurance costs should be. And all together the work we do will make our communities more resilient.  

So let’s get started!

1. Find Your Wildfire Risk Reduction and Asset Protection Initiative (WRAP) Reference Library

Use the map to check your county’s Reference Library page for wildfire mitigation help and current programs in your area that may help with cost, planning, or labor for fire mitigation. 

2. Assess Your Home

Assess your home using the lists available below, or request an outside assessment if they are available in your area. The Wildfire Prepared Home program offers a free online home assessment so that homeowners can work to meet the standards of a Wildfire Prepared Home. If your home is in a qualifying area, you can request an assessment for $125 that will qualify your home for 3 years.  This program is linked into [need information here]. CAL FIRE offers an online checklist for disaster preparedness.  Whether you have pets or a pool, you can get a customized checklist.

[link to ]

NOTE: (Add list combining the regulations and CDI and IBHS list into one – that lists more info on IBHS, CDI regs, other good references with pictures, and a checklist type of handout)

3. Check for Insurance Discounts
4. Get started!
5. Inspire Your Neighbors

Inspire your neighbors to take action!