Can I compare and contrast Xactimate pricing sheets United Policyholders Staff asked 10 months ago
Can I compare and contrast Xactimate pricing sheets

I have received my 83 page dwelling estimate. It is generated through Xactimate. I have a neighbor who has a similar floor plan and model to mine and same sq ft. His estimate is significantly higher than my estimate. The difference is over $350,000. Can I use (compare and contrast) his Xactimate pricing sheets against my Xactimate sheets to find what may make up these significant differences? If so, can I use these differences as part of my challenge to my insurance estimate?

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Sandra L. Moriarty Sandra L. Moriarty Expert answered 10 months ago

Sure. Xactimate is (supposed) to be based upon local pricing, so if the price lists are the same (there is a code on the first page that tells you which one they are using) then the items should match. Some insurance companies use their own price list. However, this could be a scope issue