3-Year Personal Property Resolution Deadline Mike Kubo asked 2 months ago
3-Year Personal Property Resolution Deadline


We were told by our insurance company after our CZU total loss that we had a 3-year deadline after receiving our initial personal property settlement (advance plus depreciated actual cash value of inventory) within which we could access the actual replacement cost benefits of our policy. For us that 3-year deadline should expire on February 22, 2024.

While on the phone with my current adjuster (who has been very helpful and accommodating) recently, he informed us that “due to California statute” that this is inaccurate, and that there is no deadline. He stated that as long as we are “actively working” our claim and making submissions (as we are), that we could continue to submit personal property replacement items and receive the difference between the full replacement cost value and the actual cash value of inventory items that are replaced.

This is the first that I have heard of this. I mentioned this to a fire survivors facebook group and no one else had heard of this, either.

Is anyone at UP aware of what my adjuster may be talking about?

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United Policyholders Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Dear Mike,

Thank you for reaching out. We apologize for the delay in responding to your question. We recommend you send a letter or email saying you are continuing to do your best to replace all your destroyed possessions and are confirming that you can continue submitting receipts and collecting your RCV benefits (above what your insurer paid for ACV) for the foreseeable future, and that the insurer is not enforcing any policy deadline at this time.

SPECIAL TIME LIMITS for losses relating to a “State of Emergency”

Collecting Full Replacement Cost

For claims relating to a state declared emergency, you have no less than 36 months from the date that the first payment toward actual cash value is made to collect your full replacement cost. [Cal Ins. Code 2051.5(b)] Additional extensions of six months shall be provided to policyholders for good cause.

Best of luck,

Team UP