Access to Verisk Fireline data MICHAEL KAMERICK asked 3 months ago
Access to Verisk Fireline data

Is it possible for a homeowner to get access to the Verisk Fireline data for their address?

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Karl Susman Karl Susman Expert answered 1 month ago

Hi Michael,

That’s a great question. The answer is potentially not as straightforward. Short answer, yes. Long answer the number will not provide you with any useful information. Verisk is just one of many companies that offer tools that insurers use in part to determine brush exposure. The number is just a number, and what one insurer does with it differs from what another may do. There is no entirely universally accepted method of determining what is brush, what is not, what is an exposure that an insurer will accept and yes, what they will not.

My advice would be to focus on doing things you can to reduce your individual homes risk of fire and not get too fixated on what one company lists as their opinion of its likelihood to burn in a wildfire.

Karl Susman

Susman Insurance Agency