ALE expenses United Policyholders Staff asked 3 years ago
ALE expenses

We had a total loss of our dwelling due to the camp fire. Our insurance did not offer any housing advice due to lack of availability for such a large disaster. A family member owns a house that I can lease at fair market value. Is renting from family under ALE in this situation legal in California? I have not found this specific info here, Thanks in advance.

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Sandra L. Moriarty Sandra L. Moriarty Expert answered 3 years ago

Hi, thanks for reaching out to United Policyholders. So sorry to hear that you have been affected by this fire. Hopefully, by now, your insurance company has provided you some guidance on this issue. However, if not, let me reassure you that what you propose is perfectly legal and is done often. The key here is to have a lease agreement, and actually pay your family member per the terms of the lease. (What is not legal is to have a sham lease, with no money exchanged, for the purposes of collecting insurance proceeds.) Best to you in this process. Sandy