Appraisal Process – Amount of time to select an umpire Chad Schwarz asked 2 years ago
Appraisal Process – Amount of time to select an umpire

I am currently trying to work through the appraisal process. The petition has been with a federal court for over a year, and there is no indication when/if the judge will make a decision. Does there reach a point when there are excessive delays within the appraisal process that the insurance company has to address or account for? Surely, it cannot go on indefinitely.

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Jade Bentz Jade Bentz Expert answered 2 years ago

Hi Chad,

If the petition is with the courts there is little that can be done that I’m aware of. I’m sure there is a way to follow up with the judge via the appropriate channels but nothing to force a decision. The insurance company would not have control either. The only difference is, if I may say this, is they are less motivated to push forward than the policyholder.

Without knowing the facts of this appraisal (who initiated it, items in dispute, etc) you may want to consult with counsel on discussing the merits of their matter relative to breach of contract, additional damages, etc to see if the delay losses can be recovered in a legal action. To my knowledge, even if so, the appraisal process will have to play out. The only alternative to the umpire is if the 2 appraisers are able to reach agreement on their differences and avoid the need of the umpire. Good luck!