Bid for repairs United Policyholders Staff asked 3 years ago
Bid for repairs

I had water damage to my home. The insurance co. sent out a company to open up the walls and do the clean-up and drying. The same company has a division for construction repairs. First the construction sent their project manager to do a bid. Then I was told by my adjuster that he would have to come with the project manager to physically inspect the scope of loss because the bid came in high. Today they came, the project manager said he would send the bid to the adjuster by this afternoon. My adjuster said he would review it and then submit it to his supervisor for approval, which would take no more than two days, but directed the project manager to start tomorrow. I did not feel comfortable with having the company start the repairs with out an approve bid. Do I have to wait to get the bid, or is it typical for the construction company to begin a job without an approved bid?

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Michael McCutcheon Michael McCutcheon Expert answered 3 years ago

In cases of urgency or emergency, it is not unusual for construction companies to start a project without having a detailed bid in place. Time in these cases is more critical than money. But generally, it is much better to wait until all the figures are known and you can get a firm price, approved by the insurance company. Just be aware that this process can take days, weeks, or even months to settle. So, if you need the work NOW, and your trust the contractor, it may be ok to go ahead. But if you can wait for the repairs, by all means do so.