Cleaning / repair United Policyholders Staff asked 3 years ago
Cleaning / repair

I picked a contractor that was very thorough, this contractor hired other contractors to also assist in the repair, (a painter, debris removal, cleaning and landscaping). The original contractor I selected charged 10% Overhead/G&A and another 10% for profit on top of the other contractors estimates. The insurance company adjuster said they would not pay the original contractor for this. They wanted me to do this. Can the insurance company do this? If I have to do this, I want to charge the insurance company for my time. Can I do that? I have 5 buildings to completely restore. The buildings are a 2 story barn 48 x 36, a tool shed 24 x 16, a green house 24 x 16, a 10 x 10 out building and a loafing shed 4 x 24 along with cleaning the house, painting the house and smoke mitigation. I have already had to take time off work to handle all this. Thank You

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Michael McCutcheon Michael McCutcheon Expert answered 3 years ago

The insurance company is obligated to pay for your contractor’s costs to manage the cleanup and everything else associated with the repair. You are under no obligation to act as the general contractor yourself. The 10 and 10 fees that the contractor is charging are in line with the standard of the industry.