Code Upgrade Costs United Policyholders Staff asked 2 years ago
Code Upgrade Costs

Our adjuster gave us an estimate with a very small amount for code upgrades, without explanation. In response to a question about it, they said they would revisit it in the future when we rebuild and get evidence of what the upgrades cost. Is this something we should settle now, or is it ok to wait? Does every homeowner need to get their own estimate from a builder of code upgrade costs in order to recover this cost?

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United Policyholders Staff answered 2 years ago

You can ask your insurer how they want you to submit evidence for the upgrades and when. Many insurers do not pay ordinance & law/code upgrades until the costs are incurred. Not every homeowner needs to get their own estimate from a builder or construction cost estimator in order to receive this cost. You can also correct the insurance adjuster’s estimate