confused Diana Liess asked 1 year ago

I don’t know where to begin. On Dec 29th 2022 our city had a water main break. It ended up flooding the basement of our property with over 4 ft of water. We were not notified until the next day when a neighboring business called us to let us know they had water seeping into their basement. After learning that I immediately called the city and yes, they were aware of the leak and shut off the water. I understand that the rule, generally, is anything past the meters are the property owners responsibility. The meters were located inside the basement that was flooded instead of outside the property. They said they would contact their insurance company and a claim would be made. It’s been over 3 weeks and we haven’t heard anything. I called the city’s maintenence supervisor and was told that I didn’t need to call him again and that if the insurance company needs anything they will contact me. I have been available to take calls at all time of the day and had voice mail at the ready in case it was needed.

I don’t know if I should call their company or not. Just to follow up if they did indeed have questions.

Thank you.

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Answer for confused United Policyholders Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Diana,

So sorry you’re going through this. We consulted with a Missouri-based insurance expert, who offers a few suggestions.

Your city could be insured by MOPERM, which is a statutory entity created for insuring local governments. For background, here is a link to their website:

If that’s who the city’s insurer is, be aware that they’re not subject to insurance laws like the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act. It is suspicious that you haven’t received a claim acknowledgment by this point, so this might be a possible explanation.

The DOI does issue a license and has some financial oversight. While their ability to help is limited, they can still offer some assistance. Jeana Thomas was recommended as a contact at the DOI who may be able to reach out to the city or someone at MOPERM to determine who has their coverage.

We recommend that you send a written demand of damage to the city, and ask that their insurance company be notified of the claim.