Contractor choice in Maryland Scott Langert asked 12 months ago
Contractor choice in Maryland

My insurance company is trying to tell me that I have to use their contractor for part of my renovation. I thought that in Maryland the law states that the insured has the sole right to choose all (sub)contractors.

Can someone point me to the actual law that addresses this issue?

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Answer for Contractor choice in Maryland Jeff Gould Expert answered 12 months ago

Hi Scott,

There is no law in Maryland addressing this issue.

In most circumstances the insured has the right to select the contractor. However, many policies do have an “our option” clause allowing an insurer to complete the repairs, but only under certain conditions.

It’s very rare for an insurer to invoke this clause and opens the insurer to additional liability if it does. I’d need more information about the claim to determine if the insurer has met policy requirements allowing it to take its option.