Denied Auto coverage Manthan V asked 1 year ago
Denied Auto coverage

I was using a rental car and had a third party liability only. The car going next to me on freeway just came into my lane and stopped the car. I was traveling at 65mph. I wasn’t able to stop my car because of the speed and I crashed it. The car is totaled. I told this to the insurance company of the other driver and filed a claim. It was completely his fault but he denied all of these. He told his insurance company that he didn’t change the lane and I was responsible for the accident. The rental car does not have dashcam. The other driver’s insurance company said that the party is against your statement and is hiring and attorney. I talked with my car rental company and they said they are working on this. They didn’t asked me any questions regarding this situation, they just said they are working on this and it’s more than a week now. What should I do?

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Al Stoll Al Stoll Expert answered 1 year ago

It is appropriate for you to call back and ask for an update at this point. I would also suggest you ask for copies of all of the insurance documents you signed at the time of the rental. Also ask for a copy of your car rental contract.