Fair Rental Value Thomas Laborde asked 2 years ago
Fair Rental Value


I lost my home in the 2020 Glass Fire in the Napa Valley.

My question relates to Fair Rental Value coverage.

My policy allows FRV not to exceed 12 months.

Question: Have the recent insurance law changes in California extended the amount that one may collect fair rental value remuneration from the insurance carrier?

Thank you.

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Answer for Fair Rental Value United Policyholders Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Thomas,

The relevant code in California, 2051.5(b)(2), provides for additional time for alternative living expenses (ALE or Loss of Use). However, you’re asking about information for FRV, fair rental value. The code does not mention any increased time or extensions for FRV. It’s possible that your policy may treat FRV and ALE as the same thing. If that’s the case you can ask for reconsideration on the basis that these lost rents are another form of ALE–if your policy supports this argument.

Good luck!