Follow up Question on Post-Loss Assignment in California Frederick Thomas asked 1 year ago
Follow up Question on Post-Loss Assignment in California

Thank you Denise Sze for your answer to my previous question. I truly appreciate it.

Forgive me for my follow-up question. Another document that the restoration company requires me to sign states that “Contractor will negotiate with your insurance company in an attempt to evaluate and calculate the amount needed to perform the job on the reported loss by the insured.”

I read in a few articles that the state of California only allows lawyers and public adjusters to negotiate coverage settlements. Is the contractor legally allowed to negotiate?

Thank you all for your advice.

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Denise Sze Denise Sze Expert answered 1 year ago


You are correct, only an attorney or a licensed public adjuster may adjust a claim with the carrier. Part of adjusting is negotiation with the carrier. A contractor may evaluate and create an estimate but the negotiation should not be part of their duties.