Fraudulently cashed check Bruce Rector asked 2 years ago
Fraudulently cashed check

I was issued a check by the Fire Victim Trust and never received it. Later I got a communication from the FVT that my check and 4 other people had their checks stolen and wrongfully cashed. For over 3 months I have been communicating with the FTV to get the check replaced. To no avail, after being told several times that the check was going to be replaced. I am afraid they are acting in bad faith for five months and I cannot find out who to talk to make them accountable. I would be very grateful if you could help.

2 Answers
Amy Bach Amy Bach Staff answered 2 years ago

We’re so sorry to hear this and will help connect you with the Trust administrator ASAP.

Amy Bach Amy Bach Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi again Bruce, Circling back to report that we contacted the FVT Administrator, she checked, confirmed it had been fraudulently cashed and said they’d be re-issuing it to you. If you haven’t gotten it, please email us at