Freshwater Canals VS. Gulf Access Canals in Cape Coral FL – Hurricane Ian Jana Hamrick asked 1 year ago
Freshwater Canals VS. Gulf Access Canals in Cape Coral FL – Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian winds blew down my seawall fence. I do not have flood insurance. It is not required at my elevation and location in Cape Coral Fl.

My insurance company is questioning my claim for my freshwater seawall canal fence damage. They are claiming it was a surge that knocked my seawall fencing down. There is no surge in a freshwater canal. I am on the end of a 9-mile freshwater canal. The wind destroyed my fence. All my neighbors will attest to this. Hurricane Ian was a wind event and not a rain event here. We are just 15 miles from the eye that hit at Cayo Casta FL.

I need some type of documentation detailing the freshwater canal system in Cape Coral FL. There is no agency in Cape Coral that has any numbers on freshwater canal water levels during the hurricane. Cape Coral has more canals that any country in the world. 300 miles of freshwater canals, 100 miles of Gulf access canals. The freshwater canals do not surge or have waves.

Please help – it’s a $7000 dollar fence – thanks! Jana Hamrick

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Michael Stoycheff Michael Stoycheff Expert answered 1 year ago


I’m sorry you’re going through this. The burden of proof is on the carrier to prove their position that it’s a surge loss and not wind. Do you have a large wind/named storm deductible? The fence should be covered under you Other Structures coverage. I’m sure some State Wildlife agency has to monitor the water in the canals. Maybe Fish and Wildlife. Did the carrier hire an engineer to deny the claim or are they just saying no without any explanation?