Home Insurance: Prior Events Coverage or Another Solution? Hannah Lundgren asked 10 months ago
Home Insurance: Prior Events Coverage or Another Solution?

EDITED for Additional Info:

We had a leak in our upstairs shower that turned into a ruined ceiling, and very likely a lot of water damage in the walls from that water leaking over time. I need to make a claim for this damage, but the problem is this: the incident occurred within my current policy’s mandated deadline of a year to report (basically, it has not been a year since this occured), however… while we are still trying to capture all the information and estimate when this occurred, there is a chance that this occured right as our former policy was expiring, before our current policy with this new, different company was active.
As a note: We may have evidence, as I believe there were photos taken of the incident occuring, but we did not recieve any estimates or reports, explained at the end.
Our previous insurer did not renew our policy, and there were a few days in which we were negotiating before we got onto this new policy. Since we do not have a policy with the new company that extends back to those dates, I worry we may have no way to receive compensation if the damages happened then. Do home insurance policies have something like prior events coverage? Should we try to file with our previous insurance company even though we are no longer with them because it may have occurred under their policy, rather than the new company? Should the new company still handle these damages? Are we just out of luck here? I want to do everything I can.
For why we did not report the issue sooner, we are new and inexperienced homeowners, and admittedly we did not think this issue would involve our home insurance because our warranty was the one that handled plumbing. We did not consider interior damage, and were attempting to save up for repairs ourselves. But, after having things evaluated now, we realize the severity is much greater than we thought, and our insurance may be able to help (while our warranty may cover the actual plumbing).

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Shirley Brown Shirley Brown Expert answered 10 months ago

If the claim occurred during the time you were required to report the claim to your new carrier as per your contract, I see no other recourse. You have passed the expired deadline.

If you are positive the claim occurred while you were with the prior carrier, you will need documentation of when the loss occurred. Documentation might include contractors or repair work/estimates from the original discovery date, which occurred during your prior policy term.

Insurance coverage prior events are when the claim occurred when you were insured with that carrier and you have proof the claim/loss occurred during that time. There is no carrier for personal insurance that offers prior events coverage. Coverage can be confirmed if you can prove it happened while you were insured with them.

Your statement is broad, as it did not state what type of loss, so this response is very general. I hope this helps.