homeowners insurance in California Araceli Patino asked 6 months ago
homeowners insurance in California

My homeowners policy was terminated due to increase in hazard. I sent the insurance company pictures of my roof, sides of home, under sinks, sinks, water heater, and electric panel. They also requested a copy of an invoice of the roof repairs.

When we purchased our home in 2016, the escrow paperwork stated that the roof was replaced in 2011. This wasn’t brought to my attention until October of 2023. I checked with the city and they do not have any permits on file for my home. I am waiting on my realtor to see if he could locate the roof invoice. The only alternative the insurance company is giving me is to supply them with proof of repairs to the roof and to look for alternative insurance companies. What should I do? They said I should call my producer and if I am not satisfied with their response I should call the California Department of Insurance.

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Answer for homeowners insurance in California United Policyholders Staff answered 6 months ago

We’re sorry to hear about this hassle – It’s very common these days for insurers to non-renew people based on the condition of their roof.

If you can provide them with proof that it’s in decent condition, they may reverse their decision. If they cancelled your policy mid-term, you should contact the CA Department of Insurance: https://www.insurance.ca.gov/01-consumers/101-help/.

Tell them the condition of your home did not change from the time the insurer bound the policy and see if they’ll get the insurer to reverse and reinstate.

However, if they simply notified you they won’t be renewing your policy, you may have a hard time finding another insurer to offer you a policy if the roof is not in good condition. For more information, visit: https://uphelp.org/buying-tips/dropped-by-your-insurer-where-to-go-for-help-in-california/