Inspection woes. California Fair plan Ralph Wilcox asked 2 years ago
Inspection woes. California Fair plan

California Fair plan just did an inspection and has required me to paint my home! The home is cedar shingles that have been in place for decades. They stated my home is at greater risk for fire unpainted. This makes no sense at all! Paint is flammable as well!! Help??? Thanks

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Karl Susman Karl Susman Expert answered 2 years ago

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for reaching out, that certainly is an interesting sounding situation, indeed! The California FAIR Plan is likely requesting you paint the house not specifically because they feel that an unpainted home is more of a fire potential per se. However, regular maintenance, such as painting or lack thereof, can be a predictor of future claim activity. Having said that, I would ask for something specific from them to explain their rationale. I’d be happy to review and help you respond if you wish.

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