insurance company not responding Darla Morrison asked 1 year ago
insurance company not responding

Hello I am reaching out about an accident that my granddaughter had in 2022. The other party is suing her personally and our insurance company refuses to respond to request for representation/deposition help. What can I do?

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Jim Beneke Jim Beneke Expert answered 1 year ago

Without more information, it’s hard to provide much feedback. However, it sounds like there may have been a car accident and the other party is trying to hold your granddaughter responsible / liable. If she has her own car insurance (with liability coverage), her carrier should assign an adjuster or lawyer to represent her in the case. If she doesn’t have insurance, she may need to engage a lawyer on her own to defend her. Depending on her age and her relationship status with you (dependent?), your insurance company may be obligated to help. The fact that they are not responding may indicate that they believe that she is not covered under your policy. I would insist that they provide a written explanation of their coverage position so that you can decide what to do next. Your agent should be able to get to someone at the insurance company who can clarify their position. You should also consider consulting with a coverage attorney who can review the entire matter, including your policy, and make a recommendation. Good luck!