insurance company not responding Heather Greene asked 1 year ago
insurance company not responding

I am living in Florida and my business and home was hit from Hurricane Ian. I have renters insurance and from the very beginning they have tried to deny the claim without ever speaking to me or even coming to look at my place or anything. I have complied and gave them everything they have asked for and did a recorded statement and now they are not responding at all. What should I do now?

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Amy Bach Amy Bach Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Heather, So sorry to hear about your (sadly very common) Florida hurricane situation. You’ve probably seen the national and local media coverage of the large number of Ian claims that are being ignored, delayed, and unfairly denied. It sounds like you’ve already followed our guidance to put things in writing, keep a journal and advocate effectively for yourself. See also tips for using social media to get your insurers’ attention:

Given that you’ve been examined under oath and given them all the documentation they requested, it’s clear they’re in violation of the deadlines in Florida’s regulations and statutes: You should file a complaint with DFS, but contact a reputable attorney who works on a contingency fee basis and see if one of them will take action on your behalf. Here’s a starting place to find one: We know how frustrating this is, and hope it resolves fairly.