Insurance estimate too low Christine McCooe asked 2 years ago
Insurance estimate too low

The estimate from my insurance company is very low, and doesn’t cover the lanai knee wall. The estimate I got from a contractor was $13,000 to replace windows, rebuild the knee wall and the front door to the lanai. How can I get work done with an insurance estimate of $6000? I also need a gutter and down spouts, and that quote was $2600. The insurance estimate does not include a roof that I may need because of water stains in my ceiling. What can I do?

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Amy Bach Amy Bach Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Christine. We recommend that you mail or email a copy of the contractor’s estimate to the insurance company adjuster with a cover letter. In the cover letter, point out the specific items missing from their estimate and ask them to correct it to be complete and accurate. If the contractor who gave you the $13k estimate is willing to have a face to face or Zoom meeting with the adjuster, offer to set that up so the contractor can answer any questions the adjuster has. The insurer must respond to your letter/email within 14 business days, according to FL law. If you haven’t been keeping a daily journal since the hurricane, start one. That will help you keep track of the 14 days. If they don’t reply, send a follow up reminder. Be polite but assertive. Let them know you intend to get a full and fair settlement of your claim. For more info on your rights, see

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