Insurance for POA (Property Owners Assoc) Ari Levin-Arroyo asked 3 weeks ago
Insurance for POA (Property Owners Assoc)

We are a small community in Shaver Lake and frequently have work days where our community members work on the roads (asphalt patching, weed eating, culvert cleaning and more). The roads all are considered community access but also are part of the various property owners parcels. It has been suggested that if someone were to get injured during one of the community work days, that person could sue the POA property owners association. I said that the party that would be sued is the one who owns the actual property where the injury occurred and not the POA but some have suggested otherwise. We have VERY little money in our community and any additional costs such as insurance are a problem, however, while we do not want to spend the money, we want to make sure we are not gong to put ourselves in any financial risks. Note that our roads are County roads but are not maintained by the County – the POA does all the maintenance.