Inventory COLLEEN ROBINSON asked 2 years ago

Our insurer hired a company to go in immediately and retrieve and clean/inspect textiles and electronics. We are 4.5 months post loss. Does that company have a legal obligation/timeline to provide us with an inventory of what they took from our home? We have asked for our electronics list many times so we would know what they took since more than one company took items from our home. Thank you for any help.

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Answer for Inventory Marie Avalon Expert answered 2 years ago

Hi Colleen,

If your property was mishandled, damaged, and/or wrongfully held by the cleaning company, it makes sense to focus on that company’s legal obligations But it sounds like your concern is that you have not received information you need to document your insurance claim. If that is the case, you may find it more practical to focus on your insurance company’s obligations, particularly if they are the ones who actually hired the cleaning company. After all, it is possible your adjuster already has the information you have requested. If not, the cleaning company may be more responsive to the person paying their bill. Keep in mind that your insurance policy requires you to submit an inventory of damaged property, which you clearly cannot do without an itemization of what was cleaned (at what cost) vs. what was destroyed.

I would try calling the adjuster and explaining your concern and asking for their help. Send an email confirming your conversation so that your request for an inventory of all property removed from your home is in writing. Make sure you cc all of the companies that removed items from your home on the email. The adjuster owes you more than a simple list (i.e., support for the company’s claim ultimate claim decision). However, it is a practical strategy to start by asking for a list and then follow up with requests for additional information later. By asking only for a list, without costs, you eliminate potential delays such as the adjuster stating they cannot respond because they have not yet completed their evaluation. Follow up every two weeks in writing until you receive the information you requested. If you feel the adjuster is not responsive, ask to speak to the adjuster’s supervisor.