Is an Assignment of Benefits legal in Wyoming? Jonah Story asked 10 months ago
Is an Assignment of Benefits legal in Wyoming?

My client is a General Contractor in Wyoming that provides homeowners with reconstruction on their home during an insurance claim process.

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Michael Stoycheff Michael Stoycheff Expert answered 10 months ago


I think an attorney is better able to answer this question, however, a lot of times it is policy specific. Most policies have language in them that speak on Assigning the claim to another entity. I’ve seen some that completely deny you the ability to assign the claim and proceeds while others lay out the groundwork on how to do so, which usually entails asking for permission in writing, etc. I searched the internet and spoke with some contractors I know that work in Wyoming and none of them were sure if it’s legal or not. You just don’t see many AOB outside of the Southern states like Florida and Texas.