Loss of income Harvey McDaniel asked 2 years ago
Loss of income

We have a total loss on our RV that we used for trips.

We had a collision with a huge dip in the road that caused the frame to bend. Our insurance company totaled it.

We lost a week of vacation time due to managing the accident, and now I will lose a week of work going back to clear out our belongings.

Would we be due a loss of income reimbursement?

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Answer for Loss of income United Policyholders Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Harvey,

Thank you for reaching out. If you bought the RV policy while you had an Indiana home address, you should reach out to the Indiana Dept. of Insurance and seek their help getting a timely answer and payment from your insurer. We do not believe you’ll be able to claim loss of income from your insurer as a result of the breakdown, but we can’t give you legal advice. If it turns out there was a defect in the RV that caused the problem, you could seek compensation from the manufacturer for loss income, but your insurer only owes for the cost of covered repairs.