Mailing address not respected by adjuster Harriet Hoek asked 1 year ago
Mailing address not respected by adjuster

Is an adjuster authorized to overrule the mailing address of an insurance policy without the policyholder’s consent?

My insured object is non residential so all checks and paperwork needs to be sent to my residential mailing address as indicated on the policy. My adjuster however has let me know she will be sending checks to the address of the insured object, without my consent. (I specifically asked her not to, in e-mail.)

Is she authorized to do so?

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Amy Bach Amy Bach Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Harriet. Common sense and logic dictate that the adjuster should be sending communications and checks to your current location. Not only do disasters destroy homes, they also destroy mailboxes. This sounds like a problem the DFS should be able to clear up quickly and at no charge to you:

We’re not finding a specific Florida regulation or law that speaks to this scenario, though DFS may know of one.

For further reference on your rights as policyholder in the Sunshine State, see: