mileage Pat Arthur asked 2 years ago

Can you get paid mileage for checking on your home while it is being rebuilt?

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Amy Bach Amy Bach Staff answered 2 years ago

It depends on your adjuster and insurer. The usual things ALE will cover are listed in this publication. Some people have better luck than others getting reimbursed for mileage for things that are not on the list in that publications. An example is: Driving around looking for a replacement home to buy. Clearly that’s an expense one wouldn’t have incurred but for the loss of use of one’s home. Some insurers will reimburse for it, others won’t. All you can do is make your best case (in writing) for why they should and be persistent and polite in asking for reconsideration if they say not.

If there’s a General Contractor on the rebuild, he/she should be getting compensated for overseeing all the various trades and the progress of the work – that’s part of “Profit and Overhead” and/or “Site Supervision.” Checking on the progress of the project is probably a tough one to get reimbursed for, but if there have been problems that you found on one of your visits, you should explain that in a letter to the insurer and add that to your reasons why they should cover the mileage. That said, pick your battles and perhaps you’re better off saving your energy for bigger dollar items in dispute.